Our Gym Kids classes are a fantastic way for your preschooler to build strength and flexibility, improve motor skills and coordination, and develop self confidence; all while being introduced to the amazing world of gymnastics. Each 45 minute class is designed to keep students active and learning through the use of unique stations and games. Students will be taught basic tumbling and gymnastics skills, learn to follow directions, and gain important social skills necessary as they enter preschool and kindergarten. Kids Spot provides a fun and safe environment to learn gymnastics skills while setting a strong foundation for future athletics and fitness.

Benefits of PreSchool Gymnastics:

  • Self Confidence
  • Following Directions
  • Discipline
  • Motor Skills & Coordination
  • Strength & Fitness
Why Preschool Gymnastics? The Benefits

Gymnastics sets a solid foundation for any future sport your child may choose!


Kids Spot Waiver

Spot Tots

Age 18 Months – 3 Years

Our Spot Tot classes are centered on age appropriate activities that emphasize socialization and group involvement through introductory gym skills for parents and tots. Children receive assurance and security through parent/adult involvement while slowly building the confidence to participate independently.

Gym Kids 3

Age 3

I’m a Big Kid Now! No adult needed! Our Gym Kids 3 classes teach not only basic gymnastics skills, but the skills necessary for the classroom setting. Listening, following directions, and taking turns are all part of the curriculum as your preschooler learns to bounce, climb, swing and flip! (Children must be potty trained and able to participate independently.)

Gym Kids 4/5

Age 4/5

Bouncing, climbing, swinging, and learning! That’s how we roll! Our Gym Kids 4/5 classes teach both the fundamentals of gymnastics and classroom participation. Through a variety of fun activities your preschooler will learn to cartwheel and roll, listen and follow directions, work independently and cooperate with others. Our fun style of fitness will leave them eager to return.

Gym Kids Intermediate

Ages 3-5

Gym Kids Intermediate is for those who have mastered the basics and are ready for a new challenge. Fun new activities await your aspiring young gymnast as they learn to master new skills and set new goals. (Completion of Gym Kids class and Instructor recommendation is required.)

Gym Kids Advanced

Ages 4-6

Designed for the highly motivated young gymnast, our Advanced Gym Kids class serves as a building block to our competitive gymnastics program. Exciting new drills and skills will keep your athlete focused and determined as they learn. (Completion of Gym Kids Intermediate and Instructor recommendation required.)