kids gymnasticsWhy Gymnastics… Gymnastics not only promotes physical fitness, it teaches cognitive and life skills that transfer to classroom and social settings. By incorporating strength, agility, and coordination, promoting the development of self-confidence and responsibility, and teaching teamwork and sportsmanship, gymnastics is truly more that just an exercise program. From the gym to the classroom, gymnastics is a comprehensive “lifestyle fitness” program that will benefit your child far into the future. Call today to register your aspiring athlete for the most qualified program in the stateline.

Beginning Gymnastics (Level 1)

Age 6-14

Welcome to the exciting world of Gymnastics! Our beginning level class will introduce your aspiring young athlete to all the wonders gymnastics has to offer. Rolling and swinging, balancing and jumping,each 45 minute class will provide your young gymnast with the skills necessary for a solid foundation in tumbling, bars, beam and vault.

Novice Gymnastics (Level 2)

Age 6-14

A sport of progressions, the Novice class is for the child who has mastered the basics and is ready for a new challenge! In this level your athlete will build on their foundation, learning exciting new skills and perfecting technique. Flipping and spinning, leaping and bounding, your child’s confidence will soar and they master the challenges of our Novice class.

Intermediate Gymnastics (Level 3)

Age 6-14

The Intermediate level class is designed for the highly motivated gymnast who is ready for a more intense workout. Serving as a stepping stone to our competitive gymnastics program, this 1 hour and 15 minute class will continue to challenge your athlete on the floor exercise, uneven bars, beam and vault while also focusing on strength and conditioning. Those interested in our competitive gymnastics program should speak with our Gymnastics Director for more information.