Our mission statement at Kids Spot Academy is for children to use their body and mind to ensure maximum learning by nurturing each child’s physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development in a fitness and academic-rich environment.


We use active elements in our curriculum to get your child’s brain moving before working towards our learning goals to ensure maximum learning. Our goal is for each child to meet and exceed the kindergarten standards in Illinois. Our daily curriculum includes phonics, reading, writing, sound and letter recognition, and math. Our loving teachers create a safe, positive, and healthy environment for your child to academically and physically excel.

There are multiple studies indicating that exercise boosts cognitive performance, helps stimulate brain growth and focus, thus making learning easier. Other benefits can include getting better sleep and decreasing the risk of health problems such as obesity.

We believe our gymnastics, tumbling, and dance incorporated into our program at the start of each day will create a better, calmer, and more focused learning environment. Not only will physical activity promote exceptional learning, it will also help your child feel more confident.